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With our aircraft type training and qualifications

Pilatus PC6 B2H4


Do you dream of becoming a competent and qualified pilot to pilot the robust and versatile Pilatus PC6? Our training program is designed to provide you with a unique and enriching experience, allowing you to master this iconic aircraft and develop the skills necessary to evolve in the world of aviation.


Obtain your PILATUS PC6 type rating, in accordance with the requirements of the Aeronautical Authority with our PILATUS PC6 type rating + theoretical basic training.

FL360 Aviation provides the Pilatus PC6 type rating in the following forms: First issue, revalidation and renewal.

Requirements for pilots with a previous qualification in another SEP/MEP type

PPL(A) Private Pilot License with minimum hours only to operate under NCO

Professional pilot license CPL (A) or ATPL (A) Frozen theory

FCL 055 English language proficiency for abroad, ICAO level 4 certificate at least.

EASA Class 1 or Class 2 medical certificate in force.

Aerial Work Training

Our experience in the world of aviation allows it to offer a wide range of air services by adapting to the needs of the client and the requests of the public administration.

Surveillance and observation mission

Aerial surveillance and observation missions are an essential strategic approach for various sectors such as security, defense, environmental management and much more. Using advanced technologies and specially equipped aircraft, these missions provide a unique and unrivaled perspective over large areas, enabling the collection of valuable data and informed decisions.

Photography and aerial filming

Aerial photography and filming opens up a whole new world of visual creativity by capturing spectacular images and video from an aerial perspective. Thanks to aircraft (planes and helicopters) equipped with high-resolution cameras, it is possible to capture breathtaking views and cinematic shots that were previously inaccessible.

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Advertising and promotional flights

Promotional banner flights are a creative and attractive method of delivering advertising and promotional messages to a wide audience. Using specially equipped planes or helicopters, the banners are hoisted into the air, creating an imposing and unmissable display in the sky.

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