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The CAO / CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) ensures the continued airworthiness of aircraft. We have maintenance management, compliance and safety throughout their operation. This area is essential in aviation for flight safety.
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MRO (Maintenance Repair & Overhaul) is an essential field in aviation. It analyzes maintenance procedures, operational practices and regulatory compliance in aircraft maintenance workshops. Auditors check safety, quality and compliance with standards, crucial for safety and certification. FL 360 Aviation assists you in your procedures for acquiring recurring spare parts.
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Do you dream of becoming a competent and qualified pilot to pilot the robust and versatile Pilatus PC6? Our training program is designed to provide you with a unique and enriching experience, allowing you to master this iconic aircraft and develop the skills necessary to evolve in the world of aviation.
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Flote & Integration

Entrust us with the fleet deployment of your aircraft! We offer solutions for aerial work missions: Maritime and coastal surveillance mission, vigilance and prevention of forest fire fighting, paratrooper dropping, aerial photography, sling load transport, mining prospecting, helicopter logistics support to oil platforms. We also offer the integration of your aircraft into our SPO for your various missions.
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Our aircraft

Extra EA400

The Extra EA400 is a high-performance, single-engine aircraft designed for aviation enthusiasts who seek an extraordinary flying experience. Combining performance, reliability and aesthetics, the Extra EA400 is truly a gem among modern single-engine aircraft.

Extra EA400
Extra EA400

Pilatus PC6 B2H4

The Pilatus PC-6 B2H4 is a versatile utility aircraft, recognized for its robustness and reliability in the harshest environments. With its capacity to carry up to 10 passengers, the Pilatus PC-6 B2H4 remains a preferred choice for demanding air missions in remote and hostile regions.

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Your Airworthiness: Our Priority

We know your challenges and we will support you in maintaining your airworthiness management

CAO / CAMO PART M / ML Certification

FL 360 Aviation holds the CAO / CAMO PART M / ML certification issued by OSAC under the approval number FR.CAO.0170

SPO Certification

FL 360 Aviation holds the SPO certification issued by the DGAC under the approval number FR.DEC.0194

ATO Certification

FL 360 Aviation holds ATO certification issued by the DGAC under the approval number FR.ATO.0000