Pilatus PC6 B2H4


Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAO / CAMO)

A perfect approach to airworthiness management


We provide customized solutions for managing the continued airworthiness of your aircraft. FL 360 Aviation perfectly meets your needs. Our CAO / CAMO service aims to maintain the airworthiness of your aircraft, maximizing the availability of our customers' aircraft.


Our CAO / CAMO service is specifically adapted to your needs, which allows us to offer you personalized solutions, with great flexibility meeting civil aviation standards.

A reliable CAO / CAMO service

Owning and operating an aircraft is a demanding task that requires fulfilling several technical and legal prerequisites, some of which can pose daunting problems for the owner. Our CAD/CAMO service team is able to help aircraft owners meet these requirements.

Our CAO / CAMO meets all requirements issued by the civil aviation authority, OSAC. The documentation provided must correspond to the technical condition of the aircraft at all times, which we do efficiently and on time.

Extra EA400

We provide comprehensive monitoring of the maintenance of the following services:

- Development, revision and control of a maintenance program

- Planning and coordination of all scheduled maintenance activities in accordance with the approved maintenance program

- Assessment of Airworthiness Directives (AD) and Service Bulletin (SB)

- Management of aircraft technical records, maintenance and technical files

- Management of modifications and repairs

- Coordination of aircraft faults and aircraft on the ground (AOG) situations

- Reliability monitoring

- Pre-purchase inspections (PREBUY)

- Aircraft import/export

Airworthiness Management

Your needs

Whether you are an owner, operator or flying club, you need rigorous and impeccable monitoring of your fleet in accordance with regulations and perfect control of technical statuses, maintenance monitoring schedules and APRS return to service conditions. as well as the renewal or extension of the CEN.

Our Offer

After a thorough preliminary inspection, we initialize your fleet in our information system in order to trace a complete history of each of your aircraft.

Then we ensure regulatory monitoring of the airworthiness of each aircraft. We determine the maintenance stops in accordance with your maintenance program. We also provide the required reports and statuses for airworthiness reviews.

Pilatus PC6 B2H4


Your needs

You have just bought or sold an aircraft. Before receiving/delivering it, you must be sure of its physical integrity and that the technical data available make it possible to establish an exhaustive history.

Our offer

We support you for the integration and the start of operation by carrying out an in-depth technical study and a physical inspection of the aircraft.

At the end of operation, FL360 Aviation accompanies you for the sale of the aircraft or its return to the lessor.

Maintenance program

For several years, we have been providing personalized Maintenance Programs that meet the requirements of Part M according to M.A.302. We also have the “Indirect Approval” authorization which allows us to provide you with a PE APPROVED by our Airworthiness Manager, thus avoiding any filing with the OSAC.

progdigital avion


ProgDigital is our indispensable working tool. This software is dedicated to managing the airworthiness of a fleet of aircraft. This provides assistance in monitoring aircraft maintenance operations, for an optimal state of airworthiness. Thanks to its regular updates, the technical situation of each aircraft is regularized.

Designed for Part M under Part G organizations managing a fleet of aircraft, in a professional setting or in an associative environment.

This service includes :

  • Pleasant interface and quick handling
  • This
  • Regular update
  • Security, transparency and regulatory compliance
  • Printing of all necessary documents in a few clicks
  • Ease of use
  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems